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Hello little bird,

A very warm welcome to anyone who is reading this. If you are wondering where you ended up, let me briefly explain the purpose of this platform. Born out of sheer fun and the ambition to build something for people to enjoy, this website means to offer three categories of content.

The first is a webshop offering self designed shirts with a purpose. The purpose being that ten percent of the price will be donated to an organization with a goal we consider to be important. An example; if you buy a Gorilla shirt, you are supporting the Virunga Foundation. This Foundation protects the habitat of the last population of mountain gorillas, so you can proudly beat your chest when wearing one of our gorilla shirts. We aim to sell products that are as sustainable as possible, so you can enjoy the soft touch of bamboo or lyocell fabric caressing your skin.

The second part is called ‘Thoughts’. This will come online shortly after the launch and will be a blog, but not in a traditional way. We offer pieces from different writers on every subject imagineable; from art and philosophy to politics and fashion. The goal is for you to find joy or inspiration or to read up on the state of the world, be well-informed rather than polarized, as is so easy these days.

The third part is currently our little secret, but if you have a knack for class, style and quality, stay tuned!

For now, we hope you can find something to your liking here. Sign up or follow us on social media if you want to stay up to date! We promise not too spam too much. In case you have designs you would like to make into a clothing line, write pieces about something you are passionate about or would like a chance to show your art? Please send us an e-mail at info@yingyan.nl

Disclaimer: hatched out of fun, our goal is quality over quantity, so no same day delivery, clickbait or fastfood-type content. Expect product shipping to take around five workdays in Europe.

Let us know if you have work to share or any suggestions!

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