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Mr. J. Drawsey

Welcome to my page!

Like most kids I have drawn since my early days, but the style of the drawings you see here sprouts from the summer of 2019 in Oslo. During the summer break of my law studies I started to experiment with digital drawing. People’s response and my own feeling were so positive that I decided to start producing copies of my works in limited capacity. I love classic romantic styles and try to fill my life with stories in any form. It is no coincidence that my artist name resembles that of a certain Jane Austen character.

At this moment this is the only place where you can purchase any of my art. Please contact me if you find any of my drawings sold in another place and don’t encourage those breaches of copyright.

I will try to keep creating new stories images that conjure up feelings through my drawings. Outside inspiration and requests are always welcome, so feel free to contact me!


Below you will find the works that I have currently made available to buy copies of. Just a few pointers to help you navigate and choose:


Reach out to me

You are very welcome to contact me in case you have a request for a piece. I am generally open to any type of work., but since every piece is different the fee is highly depended on the following factors:

– Time/Difficulty

– Type of end work (material, size)

– Exclusivity

The sky is the limit, so do not hesitate to make send me your wishes and I will do my best to make you happy.

Payment will not be expected before I have delivered a preview.


Limited Prints

In an effort to assure both the accessibility and protect the value of my works,  I have set up a pricing system that aims to do both. The first copies are underpriced to provide opportunity to the people who have supported me from the start or have more limited funds enjoy my creations. All prints come with a serial number to guarantee the unique nature of the print you have chosen.



Except for specific commissions the works will be sent without a frame. Framing an art piece is an art in itself, there are so many options that I leave you completely free in your choice. In case you want to buy a frame I have collected some suggestions of where to look:

Paper types

  • Hahnemüle German Etching: 320 gms (heavy), matt finish, delicate surface, high texture sketching paper. Gives a very artisan feel.

Both of the paper types you can choose from are of the finest quality for art prints and of museum standard. That does not mean they don’t need some care. For the best durability, try to keep them out of direct sunlight or super bright lamps. Another recommedation is to not keep the paper directly against a wall since wall paint might have acids that can affect the paper.





*Limited edition: all prints will have a serial number. Per print format the price will double with every 10 pieces, with a maximum amount of 50 prints per work*

Skiing is when I feel ultimate freedom, speed and joy. Despite the eternal rivalry between skiers and snowboarders I have found inspiration watching the snowboard flying sequences. While I do not have the guts to make such jumps myself, I still thoroughly enjoy the sight of a person flying with a mountainous backdrop.


*Limited edition: all prints will have a serial number. Per print format the price will double with every 10 pieces, with a maximum amount of 50 prints per work*

I keep being amazed by the power that can be conveyed in a super close up through just a couple of lines.

Hopefully that feeling is shared by many of you!

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